Land in Broughton, Abbots Broughton alias Bierton and Soulcot, Buckinghamshire, Pyebursts Field, Great Raggs, Pond Close, Little Baggs, Great and Little Broadcrofts, White Filed, Stocks Wood, Sheldon Field, The Woody, the Hoppett, Munches Gardens, Knights Well, Great and Little Stockings, Spring Corney Dell Field, and Grove, Clothall, Cottered Pen, Cottered; Roundabouts, Dove House Close, Davids Croft, Mill Hill, Graveley; Common Field and Crab Tree Common Field, Rushden; Maple Hall Clode, Red Close, Thistly Piece, Wallington; Cumberlow green Farm in Clothall, Cottered and Rushden; and unnamed land in the Barkway part of the Meetkerke estates

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